Director of Operations

Team IJA Since 2021

What I do for our clients:

My role is to keep internal operations humming, so our client facing teams can be the rockstars that they are! We constantly look for and act upon opportunities to progress our internal operations, with the goal of supporting our teams and providing the tools necessary for a strong and healthy community. From Accounting to People Services, Operational Excellence to IT – we have a fantastic team of visionaries that continuously make us better. I’m the lucky lady that gets to see the magic first hand!

What I do outside of work:

I love Northern Michigan and spend a lot of time at our cottage up North. It’s where time stops, and I can just relax. I also enjoy spending time with my two boys and husband snow skiing and wake surfing. Until recently, I could keep up. Now, not so much!

Most rewarding thing about being a part of IJA:

It’s very rewarding to be part of a team that gives 110% each day and genuinely lives our core values. Also, the way our team pulls out all the stops to ensure that our clients are successfully meeting their goals and objectives makes me proud to be a part of IJA.

Why IJA is different:

We care. Truly care.

Best place for thinking:

In the car.

Favorite pizza toppings:

Pepperoni and mushrooms

Enneagram type:

8 – The Challenger

If my best friend described me in three words, they would be:

Loyal, hard working, empathic

Favorite holiday:

4th of July! It’s summer in Michigan. The weather is nice, there’s BBQs, fireworks, and so many local events that make me happy to just be me!

Ask for permission or ask for forgiveness?

Ask for forgiveness

Best advice I’ve ever received:

A little goes a long way. A little love will get you through just about anything. A little kindness from a friend will get you to the next day. A little happiness can keep you going.

A few of my favorite things:

Chocolate, my kiddos, dark chocolate, chocolate ice cream

Here's how we work

graphicStep 1

First, tell us about your situation. We’ll get in touch for a free, no-obligation 1-hour discovery call.

graphicStep 2

When you say “go,” we’ll jump right in and address your immediate pain points.

graphicStep 3

Then, we’ll lay out a plan to ensure your people, processes, and technology are seamlessly connected.