IT Lead

Team IJA Since 2018

What I do for our clients:

Through protecting IJA Strategies’ digital infrastructure and assets, I also protect our clients data.

What I do outside of work:

Cold Brew addict, pack leader (love my dogs), and Dad like a boss!

Most rewarding thing about being a part of IJA:

While IJA is a “consulting” company, I see the firm moreso as a technology company. It’s a myth that technology companies create technology. I couldn’t be more proud to be a part of a firm that is in tech and is dominated by women! Equality and inclusiveness are best for everyone, not just for parents of girls!

Why IJA is different:

A lot of companies talk about how they are customer centric and how their morals and ethics make them a trustworthy partner. That’s mostly BS. The fact of the matter is that IJA Strategies is amazing at building partnerships and doing what’s best for their customers! This isn’t easy to replicate!

Best place for thinking:

The shower!

Favorite pizza toppings:

Situational – Pepperoni is an obvious go to. Meat lovers, yes please! What about buffalo wing style??! IDK too many choices!

Enneagram type:

One in a billion

If my best friend described me in three words, they would be:

Jovial, talkative, loyal

Favorite holiday:


Ask for permission or ask for forgiveness?

Ask for forgiveness

Best advice I’ve ever received:

It’s not the destination, it’s the journey. Slow down, enjoy the ride!

A few of my favorite things:

Live music, diving headlong into a mosh pit, comedy, my kids, talking about random stuff with whomever, telling stories, COLD BREW!!!!!

Here's how we work

graphicStep 1

First, tell us about your situation. We’ll get in touch for a free, no-obligation 1-hour discovery call.

graphicStep 2

When you say “go,” we’ll jump right in and address your immediate pain points.

graphicStep 3

Then, we’ll lay out a plan to ensure your people, processes, and technology are seamlessly connected.