Think of us as your phone-a-friend for all things Workday®

At IJA, we pride ourselves on our vast expertise, years of experience, and timely responsiveness however, the way we work is a bit different than your typical consulting firm. We don’t sell prepaid hours or work on a retainer because, whether you have a quick question or want to hire us for a long-term project, we believe we should earn your business with every single interaction. For that reason, we operate on a “1-day” contract.

What does that mean?


It means that we won’t make you sign a bunch of lengthy, binding paperwork.


It means that we’re there for you when you need us (Just a phone call or email away. We'll answer quickly, too!) and that you won’t pay for us when you don’t (And, you’ll never prepay for our hours, either!).


It means we show up, do our best work, and earn your business day after day, interaction after interaction.

Plain and simple, we don’t win until our clients win. It’s a different way of operating but hey, being different is kind of our thing.

Get Started

Here's how we work

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First, tell us about your situation. We’ll get in touch for a free, no-obligation 1-hour discovery call.

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When you say “go,” we’ll jump right in and address your immediate pain points.

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Then, we’ll lay out a plan to ensure your people, processes, and technology are seamlessly connected.