Who we are

IJA Strategies is a women-owned, independent firm specializing in Workday® consulting services.

We’re here to guide you, be your (really hardworking) friend, and make your day, your job, and your world better by using Workday®.

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We know what keeps you up at night because we’ve been there.

Hi, I’m Andrea Chudy! More than 10 years ago, I found myself in tears before work one day because I was SO frustrated with Workday® and didn’t know how to fix it.

I felt defeated. I felt inadequate. I felt like a failure at my job.

I vowed that day that no person should ever feel the same. For over a decade I have dedicated myself to becoming a Workday® expert and in 2017, I founded IJA Strategies to help others.

Are you feeling the same way I was? Here’s the solution to all your problems (yeah, I really mean that!).

The values we live by

  • Grit – Rust-belt hunger and authenticity runs in our veins. We are scrappy, humble, and show up with courage every day.
  • Family – You know the family that’s always getting sideways looks because they’re too loud and having too much fun? That’s us.
  • Next Level – “Good enough” never is. We don’t stop until it’s the best—and then we keep making it better.
  • Integrity– We admit when there’s a lack of clarity, own up to our mistakes, and don’t win unless our clients do.

Founded on and inspired by faith

Here’s what that means to us:


We believe all people have
innate worth.

Each human being is valuable to us, especially those overlooked by the in-crowd. No matter an individuals’ beliefs, background, strengths, or weaknesses, we look for ways to adopt and elevate everyone we work with.


We choose to live and work in service to others.

Instead of balancing self-interest with contractual obligations, we consciously choose to take the suffering of others and place it upon ourselves. We reject the game of maximizing profits and celebrate fully the outcomes we help others achieve.


We believe life is better when lived in community.

Our staff meetings, team member development, and client engagements are designed to strengthen relationships and foster meaningful, lifelong connections.

Independent . . . by choice

We stand confidently as an alternative to traditional Workday® Partners. For us, it ensures we remain grounded in our core values. For our clients, it means that we’re able to offer the same services as our competitors without the Workday® Partners price tag.
Win, win.

Being different is kind of our thing.

Learn a little more about how we approach our work.

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The hours we spend doing great work for our clients (and the rave reviews we earn!) are what prove our Workday® expertise, but the certifications we’ve held don’t hurt either.

  • Workday® PRO
  • Workday® HCM – Implementer
  • Workday® Payroll – Implementer
  • Workday® Compensation – Implementer

Here's how we work

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First, tell us about your situation. We’ll get in touch for a free, no-obligation 1-hour discovery call.

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When you say “go,” we’ll jump right in and address your immediate pain points.

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Then, we’ll lay out a plan to ensure your people, processes, and technology are seamlessly connected.