Type: Production Support


An international manufacturer had multiple ongoing projects, and needed additional support to improve the HCM portion of the Workday® tenant to drive those initiatives.

The manufacturer had been using a contractor but that contractor was rolled off. Because they did not want an interruption of service to the business, it was of paramount importance to the manufacturer that they find someone who knew their tenant and understood the challenges they were facing. They needed someone who could hit the ground running.


A member of the IJA team had previously worked on a project with the manufacturer’s HCM so when IJA was called in, the team was uniquely positioned to jump right in with no ramp-up time.

IJA worked with the manufacturer as a key member of the HCM team in order to complete the necessary configurations and projects. As they had helped to build the manufacturer’s current tenant, the IJA team had an intimate knowledge of not only the system, but company personnel. This helped to make the transition seamless. Thanks to IJA’s knowledge and expertise, there was absolutely no disruption in service to the business.

As a result, the manufacturer was able to complete more projects in less time. They were extremely pleased with the results and have continued their partnership with IJA.