Type: Production Support


A $60 billion-dollar multi-national company had been a Workday® client for five years. The company was divided into three legal entities that were all combined into one Workday® tenant. Custom organizations were used to differentiate membership in each entity.

As a result of a divestiture, two of the three entities branched off and became separate companies. Of nearly 130,000 employees globally, 60,000 were divested.

The goal was for each company to have an exact copy of the Workday® tenant, where worker data was applicable to only that companies’ workers. All transactional data needed to match.

While a point-in-time data snapshot was made, the client continued to process transactions such as hires, terminations, compensation changes, and more. A process needed to be created to copy these transactions from the old tenant to the new ones.


To understand the full scope of the project, daily meetings were established and used to judge which transactions were being tracked and the level of work needed to load them correctly. Through these planning sessions, goals and milestones were determined.

A test run was performed, and the reports and fields required to effectively load transactions were further refined. Once the transactions that needed to be tracked were identified, the reports were run, allowing the team to create and load EIBs. Report issues were identified and corrected in preparation for the go-live.

The team was given a three-day period to load and test the catch-up transactions. In total, over 36,000 transactions were loaded. Due to the efficiency of the reports that IJA built, the process was completed in 1.5 days. With the time savings created, the client got into their new tenants early and completed other key components of the project ahead of schedule.