Type: Implementation


A data analytics software firm was preparing for their IPO rollout and had a two-fold challenge.

First, they weren’t seeing their desired ROI and did not have the expertise to maximize that ROI. They needed help in figuring out how to concatenate all their systems together.

Second, in order to roll out their IPO, their system had to get into SOX compliance in order to meet audit requirements. SOX (Sarbanes-Oxley Act) compliance refers to the annual audit in which a public company is obligated to provide proof of accurate, data-secured financial reporting.

They wanted their processes to be re-configured in a way that made sense for their organization and for their user experience to be streamlined.


The IJA team began by evaluating the firm’s Workday® system through a health assessment, looking at HCM, comptrolling, security, defect resolution, and their user interface. They ensured that the firm’s personnel were an integral part of the evaluation at every step.

Utilizing this holistic approach, the IJA team was able to bring the firm into alignment for SOX compliance, paving the way for a successful IPO, while also helping them to fundamentally understand what it means to be compliant. Additionally, the team assisted the firm in implementing a plan to be in continued compliance moving forward, and helped them with documentation.

One of their comptrolling challenges was the year end impact of compensation reviews. IJA helped to streamline the firm’s compensation review process. As this was originally a mostly manual process, the new process saved the firm significant time and money from a strategic, organizational perspective. It also helped to prevent unnecessary auditing.

The IJA team delivered a series of complex processes in a short time frame, oversaw the transfer of data between the original system and Workday®, and ensured that the firm was using Workday® to the fullest potential.

The firm considered their partnership with IJA a success. In fact, IJA is now working on a new project with them, upgrading and enhancing their compensation approval process.