Type: Global Implementation


An organization began their international expansion over the course of a few years by purchasing existing companies with a global presence. As they expanded, other locations were brought into the Workday® platform partially or not at all. A piecemeal solution existed for the organization with no consistency across global locations.

The goal was to add seven countries to the global solution integrating various Workday® Modules including: HCM, Recruiting, Benefits, Compensation, Learning, and Talent.

Careful consideration had to be taken as Human Resources had a multitude of cultural and legal requirements across the globe.


The IJA team first met with groups of stakeholders to clearly document US policies and procedures as a baseline for what international groups would follow. The team then met with all of the international stakeholders to determine what the global procedures would look like, noting necessary exceptions by country.

Through various meetings with each country individually, the IJA team documented requirements into: leave reasons, termination reasons, one-time payments, allowances, merit plans, current payroll systems, recruiting process, and more.

At the conclusion of the international sessions, the consolidation process began. Each location was evaluated, noting how their policies compared to the US and to each other. For example, Scotland and France had very similar requirements, but they differed from US requirements. This process allowed IJA to see which policies could be merged and which had to remain individual by country.

Once all requirements were documented, the IJA team added and removed items from the Workday® solution as necessary, testing various scenarios by country.

The result of the implementation was a streamlined, global Workday® solution that effectively took into account each country’s unique requirements. The solution now allows the various HR teams around the globe to make more empowered, strategic decisions while working more efficiently.