Type: Implementation


An international drilling and technology company had recently reimplemented Workday® and desired to use Workday® Compensation to handle their yearly merit, bonus, and stock awards. In order to verify that the process would execute as the client intended, the business process and security aligned with it, as well as the configurable compensation grid that drives the process, needed to be validated.

The client also needed a statement to communicate all the information relating to this yearly process to their employees.

Further complicating the project, all configuration, testing, and implementation had to be completed within one month in order to meet the deadlines set by the client.


The IJA team began by comparing what existed in the client’s legacy tenant with what was configured in their production tenant. This established a starting point for the team to begin validation.

The client asked that stock be pre-populated into the merit process so that when the review process is routed to an employee’s manager, the stock amount is already completed. To accomplish this, IJA created an EIB (Enterprise Interface Builder) to load the information en masse.

In order to further streamline the process, IJA designed Compensation Eligibility Rules to compare compensation segments to their merit increase and pull in appropriate merit target values.

While IJA was performing unit testing to confirm the process, they developed a new BIRT (Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools) statement to pull in merit, bonus, and stock awards for each employee. The statement was personalized for each employee and branded specifically for the client.

IJA will continue to work with the client, completing unit testing and working with the client’s team to complete user acceptance testing.