Type: Implementation


A multi-national drilling rig and technology company had an outdated Workday® system that wasn’t performing optimally for their 4,500-employee workforce. The system wasn’t maintained, was slow, and wasn’t solving for their unique business circumstances. The company was looking at a bunch of different enhancement projects and brought IJA in to complete an assessment and advise on next steps.


IJA completed an assessment of the company’s Workday® system and determined that enhancements would act as a Band-Aid, but wouldn’t fix the root of the problem. Instead, IJA advised that the client consider a reimplementation, also known as a Workday® to Workday® conversion.

Though it was technically a reimplementation, Workday® treated it as a brand-new implementation. That allowed IJA to help with vendor selection, choosing a Workday® Partner that was aligned with the client’s values and goals to work with on the project.

Throughout the almost 2-year reimplementation project, IJA’s role included:

  • Client advocacy and process documentation – Participating in all SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) and BP (Business Process) sessions, including helping to redefine, future-proof, and document business processes such as payroll, benefits selection, absences, etc.
  • Delivery Management – Managing the entire program from a project perspective, including timeline and all project communications
  • Organizational change and training – Creating live, virtual, and static training documentation so that every employee in the company knew the change was coming and was prepared for it
  • Data conversion – Converting all relevant data from the old system to the new system
  • Testing – Managing the entire testing process (view the testing case study)

One of the main benefits is that the new system transitioned the client to more of a self-service model. This way, when an employee needs to make a change within Workday®, they can typically do it themselves instead of calling or submitting a ticket.

The new solution went live in July 2021 and was one of the biggest reimplementation projects in the Workday® ecosystem. Through thoughtful vendor selection, a careful understanding of the goals, proactive project management, and thorough training, the client has recognized significant efficiency and time savings as a result of the project. IJA continues to support the client in a production support role.