Type: Testing


A 4,500-employee drilling rig and technology company was working with IJA Strategies to reimplement a Workday® solution from the ground up. This included regathering requirements, defining objectives and strategic company initiatives, implementing new modules and functionality, and leading the organization through the changes. The company had extremely unique HR needs and requirements, including country-specific scenarios, that had to be addressed.

During unit testing, there was very little client buy-in, comradery, or excitement. The team did not get through all of the testing scenarios, and a lot of scenarios were created but not actually needed. Some teams completed tests that weren’t very thorough.

The result was additional testing required later in the process, missed requirements, and an overall strain on the team.


IJA made several changes to the testing process for end-to-end testing. These adjustments included:

  • Only choosing scenarios that would truly be required in the solution and going through these scenarios more thoroughly.
  • Dividing testers into teams in order to boost comradery. Teams were video calls together most of the day working together in a virtual “war room” (due to the Covid-19 pandemic, testing could not be done in a traditional “war room” setting).
  • Hosting daily status meetings every morning—one at 7am and one at 9am to account for varying time zones across the globe.
  • Holding happy hours every two weeks and employing other tactics, such as rewarding employees financially for finding software bugs, sending employee shoutouts, and delivering encouraging messages each day.

As a result of these changes, engagement improved significantly for a very successful end-to-end testing phase. There were 1,172 scenarios and a pass ratio of 98.12% at the conclusion of testing.