Type: Client Advocacy


A large, international public-facing non-profit company needed help in selecting an Enterprise Content Management product for their HR department. They desired an ECM product capable of digitizing their existing personnel, hiring, and other critical HR information. Further, they wanted an ECM that would effectively maintain, organize, and securely store that information so that it could be searched and utilized by employees.

The non-profit was unsure how to choose the ECM product that would best meet their needs. They didn’t know what questions should be asked in order to complete their due diligence and make an informed decision. They sought a trusted partner who could hold their hand and guide them through the selection process.


IJA and the non-profit had an existing and ongoing relationship, making the team uniquely positioned to meet this challenge. IJA had helped them through their Workday® implementation and was engaged in ongoing work consulting and training employees. Partnering on the ECM selection process was a natural progression.

IJA began by sitting down with the non-profit and asking the right questions to gain a deep understanding of their unique needs. The IJA team brought with them more than 25 years of combined experience in the ECM space, and a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

At the time IJA was brought in, the non-profit was already strongly considering one ECM product. After gaining an understanding of their needs and talking to representatives from that ECM company, IJA suggested a different, more responsive company that would better meet their needs while saving them time and money.

IJA then acted as a liaison between the non-profit and the chosen ECM company, explaining requirements to the ECM company and relaying services offered back to the non-profit. The IJA team was able to recommend the services that would be best suited for them. In fact, by suggesting they not choose a service tier higher than needed, IJA was able to secure substantial savings right from the start.

In addition to continuing to provide Workday® support, IJA’s ongoing role will involve assisting with the implementation of the new ECM product, training, and finding opportunities where additional value can be added. Future needs will also be assessed so that additional products, services, or enhancements can be recommended as needed.

While this project is currently HR specific, the product has the potential to be implemented company wide. Should that expansion become a reality, IJA, with their depth of knowledge, will be well situated to help the non-profit with the new challenge.