Type: Organizational Change Management & Training


A cloud computing and technology company was already using Workday® for HCM, Benefits, Absence, and Time Tracking. However, a month before they were scheduled to go live with a new Workday® Payroll system, management was not confident the payroll team was ready.

While the payroll team had completed the standard self-study training offered by Workday® at the early onset of the implementation project, it was not deemed sufficient. During the implementation process, status went from green to red.

The payroll team desired to become subject matter experts on Workday® and the processing of payroll within the new system. Additionally, the analysts who served as backups to the payroll team needed to have a strong understanding of the process.


The IJA team defined the company’s organizational change strategy, including the development of action and implementation plans. This included documenting key processes and creating several resources, including:

  • Workday® navigation basics
  • Payroll checklist and template
  • Explanation of Workday®-delivered and custom reports
  • Custom payroll register
  • Workday® payroll processing
  • Understanding your Workday® pay slip
  • Key SOX audit reports

IJA supported payroll processing for three months, or six pay periods, providing on-the-job training for processing regular and off-cycle payrolls. The team was available to troubleshoot, assist with pre and post validations, and answer questions.

With comprehensive training, clear documentation, and IJA support, the company’s payroll team was able to seamlessly transition to the new Workday® Payroll system, resulting in more efficient and accurate payroll processing.