Workday®’s bi-annual software releases aren’t just cosmetic. They are major updates, introducing new features and better functionality, enhancing security, fixing bugs—a host of improvements that add up to a better user experience for your company and your employees.

The newest Workday® release drops September 9th to 10th, 2023. It includes a number of important features that are sure to make your life easier.

Here are several of those new features to take particular note of:

A Quick Review Button on the Workday® Homepage

Manager-level employees, and all those who are authorized to approve time-off and other absences, will now have a Quick Review button available on the Awaiting Your Actions part of their Workday® homepage. It allows that person to review and approve time-off and absence requests easily, right there on their homepage, without the need to open their Workday® inbox.

Financials Module—Invoicing Between Two Companies

If you have two companies that issue intercompany supplier or customer invoices, with this update you will now be able to net off the total invoice amount together, rather than settling with each company separately.

Financials Module—Transaction Tax

You will now be able to populate a transaction tax on customer invoices using web services.

Error Messages in Real Time

It’s a recurring nightmare—you type the wrong information in a form’s required field, and you don’t realize it until you hopelessly attempt to submit the form. Now, with real-time error messages, an error alert message will pop up immediately, allowing you to fix the problem before moving on.

Adaptive Planning

With this update, import larger volumes of Journal Lines data into Workday® Adaptive Planning from Financials.

Selling Time-Offs

For companies that now allow workers to sell their time-offs, this update allows those workers to easily configure and manage their time-offs, along with getting compensated when they sell it.

Internal Talent Profile Update

Employees who wish to update and/or replace sections of their talent profile when filling out an internal job application in order to apply for a new company position will find it easier and more intuitive with this update.

Improved Team Org Chart User Experience

Employee/Position Cards found in the Workday Org Charts will now be larger, better organized, and easier to read.

Get the Most From Your Workday® Release

Consider hiring a Workday® expert like IJA to help implement and and facilitate the new Workday® software release so you can ensure you’re getting the most out of the software. New release features may have unexpected downstream impacts on your organization, and our team has the experience, knowledge, and resources to study and understand each and every change to Workday®, and how they affect your operations.

Work with IJA to adopt new software releases, and get the most from Workday®. Learn more.