There are challenges facing every business today, including pandemic-related issues such as dealing with a disrupted workforce and finding best practices with a newly hybrid workforce. This may in fact be the “new normal” for the foreseeable future. Local, state, and federal governments are not immune to these challenges. If anything they are more vulnerable. One solution for governmental entities to explore is cloud-based applications with Workday®.

People are your Most Valuable Resource

The ability to optimize the time, talent, and energy of your people, while keeping sensitive information secure, is of utmost importance to governments. This becomes even more of a challenge when juggling a mix of in-office and remote employees. Cloud-based technologies give you the flexibility to streamline HR processes, including recruiting, payroll, compensation, talent management, and benefits. Government agencies are notorious for process bottlenecks that cause frustration. Utilizing the cloud, those inefficiencies can be minimized, resulting in favorable outcomes for both your people and the constituents they serve. As mentioned above, many short-term fixes developed by government entities during the pandemic will be the key to long-term, viable solutions, thanks in part to cloud-based technologies.

Government jobs are often not as financially rewarding as those in other industries, so making those jobs as enjoyable and user-friendly as possible is one key to attracting and retaining quality employees. Workday® cloud-based applications play a large part in making that possible.

Continuity and Customer Service

Customer service is the hallmark of any successful business, governments included. Governments can be especially volatile. Not only are the projects complex and multipartite with a myriad of variables, but each election may bring administration changes, new and conflicting priorities, and funding challenges. This makes continuity between administrations that much more important from both a process standpoint and a customer service standpoint. Cloud-based technologies make bridging the gap easier and more harmonious.

Nimble Financial Management

Workday®’s cloud-based financial management tools provide a solid foundation, allowing government agencies to remain nimble and respond to changes quickly. Every aspect of financial management—accounting, planning and decision-making, scope and objectives, controlling expenses—falls under the umbrella of cloud-based applications. This allows government agencies to work fluidly across all departments, maximizing synergies and minimizing the chance for mistakes to occur.

The Right Training

Utilizing Workday®’s cloud-based applications to their full potential starts with the right training. IJA’s team has a deep knowledge base of everything Workday® is capable of, and the experience to impart that knowledge to government employees in a thoughtful, digestible way. We’re prepared to work with your employees every step of the way, assuring success.

Are you taking advantage of cloud-based applications? We aim to help governments get more out of Workday®. Learn more about how we work.