Imagine being a high school student starting the college application process. You’ve toured schools, have some ideas about your academic interests, and are about to apply to your dream school. The process, however, is anything but a dream. You don’t know what information you need, the forms are confusing, and once you finally get it submitted, you don’t hear much of anything about the status of your application.

Meanwhile, the university’s enrollment leaders are just as overwhelmed. There are thousands of applications (some with missing information), no concrete process, and looming deadlines to meet.

Guess What? There’s a Better Way

Over four million college applications are filled out and submitted each year and more than 90% of those are submitted online. Processing and evaluating these applications is tedious, time-intensive, and susceptible to human error. This can be frustrating for university staff and furthermore, a slow, inefficient admissions process can detour potential incoming students.

Enter Workday® Student. One of Workday® Student’s many benefits is that it can streamline processes, such as admissions, into one unified system, and gives higher education institutions the unique ability to:

  • Communicate with students even before they apply
  • Eliminate virtually all manual tasks
  • Establish unique requirements for admission (fees, transcripts, test scores, interviews, writing samples, letters of recommendation, etc.)
  • Grant applicants access to view the status of their application and outstanding tasks or documents
  • Automatically assign rating values to potential students taking into consideration academics, interest, and more
  • Identify duplicate applications and other safeguards to ensure data integrity
  • Send admissions decisions individually or to a group through a simplified routing process
  • Evaluate and report on current and historical admissions data and trends

The Benefits of a Unified Admissions Solution

This unified solution results in a more efficient process for both enrollment leaders and potential students.

For university employees, this means more informed decision making, less potential for human error, faster turnaround times, and significant time savings.

For potential students, a smooth and easy admissions process takes the hassle out of applying to college and sets the precedent for their future success at your university.

Could your college admissions process be more efficient? Learn more about how we help universities get the most out of Workday®.