Workday® is an invaluable resource for government and public sector entities at any level; be it a federal, state, or local administration, their comprehensive menu of features and modules are tailor-made to help governments compete in a global market. However, there are some underutilized features that are particularly well suited for public sector work.

Workday® Scorecard

With the massive amount of data that Workday can provide, it is important that the reporting and presentation of this data remains dynamic and easily digestible. Workday® Scorecard is a useful tool for governments as it presents complex data and key performance indicators using graphics for easy visualization, all while being tremendously adaptable.

Workday® Recruitment Module

Recruiting and retaining highly qualified personnel is critical in the public sector. As a complete talent acquisition solution, this module is second to none. Workday® operates under their Power of One mindset, and when pairing the recruiting module with the core Human Capital Management module, organizations can be empowered to build diverse teams all within one system. From planning to interviewing to onboarding, different hiring teams can work together and easily exchange interview feedback. Workday® lets you automate workflows, offers, and agreements en masse, which bolsters the ability to hire high volumes of people, simultaneously.

Workday® Project and Work Management

All the complex components required to make a government entity run successfully—people, the nature of the work, and the availability of business resources—falls under the purview of this module. This includes efficient planning, budget tracking, cost and pricing, and staff training and management. Utilizing all the available components, management can best decide on the participation of team members and improve the discipline and effectiveness of that team.

Workday® Cloud Connect for Third-Party Payroll

In the public sector, third-party employees and contractors are common, but third-party payroll can present challenges. This module helps to connect seamlessly by securing the payroll applications with built-in functionalities that can be integrated easily with internal and external applications. Main tasks include building, maintaining, and updating the built-in processes.

Workday® Insight Applications

Governments work best when they can use historical data to make informed and educated predictions concerning future scenarios. Workday® Insight Applications enables government entities to do just that by combining historical analysis with non-Workday® data sources. The applications apply machine learning and data science to produce new insights to improve discovery, analysis, predictions, and guide decision-making.

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