Regardless of size, every company faces payroll issues, and the larger the company, the greater and more complex the challenges. Here are three of the most prevalent payroll issues and how the IJA team works with clients to overcome them.

Top three payroll issues


Due to collective bargaining agreements entered into with unions, employers have contractual obligations and agreements they must abide by. Workday® must be configured to calculate payroll correctly for different worker populations. This includes not just pay rates, but commissions and bonuses such as annual, signing, holiday, and profit sharing. This can be challenging, particularly in large companies with complex organizational structures made up of multiple layers of management and staff, including both hourly and salaried workers.

Multiple tax jurisdictions

Many companies today are large corporations with multiple locations and divisions. Their employees often cross both state and international borders in the course of their work, and may in fact live and work in different locales. This has become especially true during the Covid-19 pandemic, as more employees than ever before are working from home. For employers, that means workers must be taxed correctly, taking into account local, state, federal, and international tax codes. They must also make sure that reciprocity—reciprocal agreements made between adjacent states and municipalities—functions correctly.

FLSA configurations

The Fair Labor Standards Act requires all non-exempt employees who work more than 40 hours per week be paid overtime. Configuring Workday® to calculate overtime pay correctly can be complex, particularly in companies with staff in multiple states, as different states demand different ways to maintain FLSA configurations. Additionally, many states now require companies to “show the math.” That is, an employee’s pay slip should correctly display overtime pay in such a way that it can be easily and clearly understood.

Why companies turn to IJA to solve Workday® Payroll issues

Companies turn to IJA for a variety of reasons. They may be new to using Workday® and are overwhelmed by the available features. They may feel that they’re not utilizing it to its full potential. There may be new or continually evolving regulations in their industry that require them to nimbly adapt in order to meet challenges head on.

The bottom line is, when it comes to payroll issues, IJA’s people-first focus, deep knowledge base of everything Workday®, and customized solutions to complex problems, makes us the go-to firm specializing in Workday® consulting services.

How IJA helps solve Workday® Payroll issues

IJA works with companies to find a solution that meets, and exceeds, customer requirements. Our dedicated team works in close tandem with our client’s employees, providing knowledge and expertise, being careful to support industry norms and standards. Crucially, we don’t stop there. We believe it is best practice to get to know a company’s people and systems, to teach the employees to understand the solution, rather than just do the work and leave. This ensures the employees are then able to solve other problems that may arise independently. This collaborative approach is one of the hallmarks of our corporate philosophy.

Running into issues with payroll? Just want to ensure you’re getting the most out of your current system? Our team can help. Contact IJA Strategies.