Think of Workday® as a toolbox filled with finance, HR, and planning solutions. Like any toolbox, if you’re not using all the contents in it to their full potential, you’re not getting the most out of it. If we’re talking about socket wrenches and keyhole saws, that just means your job may be more difficult and take a little longer to accomplish. When it comes to Workday®, however, not using all the tools available to you means your company is certainly losing valuable time, and probably losing money as well.

Here are some of the best Workday® features that can help maximize your company’s performance, allowing you to get the most out of your toolbox.

Top Workday® features

SSO (Single Sign On)

Single Sign On is a feature that helps your employees seamlessly sign into Workday®. Password fatigue is a very real problem that impacts employee morale and performance. With the SSO feature, your employees do not have to maintain passwords. This helps to drive employee engagement and simplifies their user experience.

Duplicate Management Framework

Reliably finding and keeping track of suitable job candidates can be a frustrating endeavor. Uncovering and merging duplicate candidates and rehires is often a costly and time-consuming chore. That’s where Duplicate Management Framework comes in. Using Duplicate Management, Workday® auto-merges candidate duplicates it finds based on whatever criteria you outline. Your recruiting team will thank you.

Innovation Services

Once you’ve signed a free MSA with Workday®, be sure to turn on the Innovation Services option. Doing so allows for expanded, cutting-edge Workday® functionality, including:

  • Enabling Natural Workspaces to use Microsoft Teams and Slack integrations, saving time and improving workflow efficiency for your employees.
  • Using machine learning to drive open positions for workers, ensuring your recruiters have a streamlined user experience when seeking a particular skill set.


Onboarding is often overlooked even though it’s of vital importance to new hires. Using the Onboarding dashboard, you can send a message from the CEO and team, offer helpful links for new hires, and keep your new hires in the loop on all the tasks they need to complete. Your onboarding platform is your first chance to make a favorable impression and the Workday® Onboarding dashboard makes it simple. Your new hires will feel truly welcomed.

Workday® Drive

Employees can create, organize, upload, store, and share media and documents on Workday®’s cloud-based Drive. Content can be easily and securely retrieved without having to worry about sending worker data through emails.

Honorable mentions

Here are a few more handy tools in your Workday® toolbox.

  • Blue Primary Button—The blue color is meant to quickly draw attention to whatever the primary function on the screen is.
  • Mobile Adoption—Perfect for your employee on the go, give them the power of Workday® in their pocket.
  • Workday® for Outlook—For the stubborn employee who refuses to log in to Workday®, this functionality allows them to access and complete some Workday® tasks from within Outlook.

How we can help

IJA Strategies is an independent firm specializing in Workday® consulting services. We can help your company implement, optimize, and fully utilize everything Workday® has to offer so that you get the most in time efficiency and money savings. IJA does this with a people-first focus, considering your needs and then providing a customized plan to support them.

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