A Workday® implementation is a complex, multifaceted undertaking, and that is especially true within the university and medical university spaces. Interdepartmental politics often plays a role, as different departments have needs, wants, plans, and timelines that are at odds with each other.

The likelihood of achieving a smooth Workday® roll-out dramatically increases when utilizing an independent, third-party Workday® consulting firm in addition to a Workday® Partner to act as your counsel and guide, serving as an advocate for you and your objectives throughout the entire process. A Workday® consultant can step in and get to know your entire organization and each department, at both a macro and micro level. This enables them to find a workable, viable, nuanced solution that benefits everyone, with total honesty, transparency, and a complete lack of bias.

On Time and On Budget

Whether you are considering Workday® or have already made the decision to implement it, bringing an advocate in at the beginning of the process allows them to truly understand your business, and suggest the most advantageous configurations. As an independent third-party, a consultant can lead your teams through honest, open discussions about difficult topics such as budgets and timelines, and suggest ways to navigate areas of disagreement and reach a successful outcome.

An advocate keeps the entire job on time and on budget, because as a third-party they have just one job—ensure a successful implementation.

Why IJA Is the Right Advocate for You

The simple answer is, experience. Our IJA team understands Workday® in a fundamental, top to bottom way. We have the experience and deep resources necessary to guide you every step of the way, from the beginning of your Workday® implementation to the end (and beyond!). This includes every Workday® module, from compensation, benefits, and payroll, to expenses, procurement, supply chain and inventory, purchase requisitions and purchase orders; and also areas of special importance to universities, such as grant management.

With IJA by your side as an advocate, you can be assured your implementation will proceed as planned, safe in the knowledge that whatever hiccups may occur, we’ve seen them and have successfully worked through them before.

A Case Study

Our Founder and Managing Director, Andrea, explained it this way when discussing a Workday® implementation at the Medical University of South Carolina, a three-entity organization with 32,000 employees:

“They hired me to serve as their executive program director, essentially the shot caller for the university. They brought me on for a couple of reasons. One, I have really deep experience managing these types of projects, and I also have a higher ed background. I understand the politics associated with the higher ed world. Second, I have a reputation for delivering projects on time, which I did. And third, I was able to manage the internal politics necessary to make the project successful, in accordance with the overall agenda item, which was implementing a system that served the enterprise for generations to come.”

Learn more about this monumental project with MUSC.
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If you are in the consideration phase, or have already decided to implement Workday®, learn how an implementation guide and advocate can help you achieve a seamless implementation. Contact us to get the conversation started.