Workday® is an expensive and robust technology. It can do wonders for your business in terms of efficiency, compliance, consistency, and more; however, in order to maximize those benefits, it must be implemented, maintained, and managed correctly.

Why hire a Workday® consultant?

Just like you’d hire a professional to perform surgery or fix your car, managing your HR technology is much more effective when you work with an expert. Going the do-it-yourself route can lead to missteps and frustrations that hold your team back and result in a feeling of resentment towards the platform. By hiring a partner with Workday® expertise who knows how to help you get the most out of your HR technology, you can avoid those frustrations while freeing up your time to focus on your area of expertise.

Choosing the right partner

When selecting a Workday® consultant, ask yourself these questions:

Do they have a track record of success?

First and foremost, ensure the firm can demonstrate their past successes. Do they display case studies on their website? Can they provide you with references and client testimonials? Look for a firm that has helped companies similar to yours — this can be a great indicator that they will be a fit for your organization as well.

Will they get to know my business?

A technology solution shouldn’t be treated as one-size-fits-all. In reality, it’s quite the opposite, so beware of a firm who only uses standard “best practices.” Your solution must be custom and tailored to your business. In order for that to happen, your Workday® consultant must know your business.

Do they have a holistic skillset?

You may think you’re hiring a Workday® expert for one thing only to find out the problem lies elsewhere. An agile firm with a wide range of subject matter experts can not only address your initial problem, but also diagnose the true underlying issues you didn’t even know about and fix them no matter what they are.

Are they a cultural fit?

You might interact with your Workday® consultant more than you interact with some of your own colleagues, so ask yourself: is this firm enjoyable to work with? Does their decision-making style, approach to problem solving, and work ethic match your company’s? Great results are important, but you should work with a group of people you genuinely like.

Can they manage the project?

Doing the project and managing the project are two different things, and you want to find a technology partner who can do both. Investigate the firm’s project management capabilities by asking the same kinds of questions you would ask someone you were considering for an internal project management position.

Will they focus on more than just your technology?

Technology alone cannot ensure success. It must work hand-in-hand with the people and processes surrounding it. Will your Workday® partner work tirelessly to ensure these three things align?

Hiring the right consultant is crucial in meeting your ultimate goals and objectives. Whether you’re looking to hire a firm for ongoing Workday® support or for a one-time project, we’d love to show you how we can help. Contact IJA Strategies today.