Workday® Analyst

Team IJA Since 2021

What I do for our clients:

I work with the clients to help them research, test, and solve issues. I also help them evaluate their processes to make their company run more efficiently day to day.

What I do outside of work:

I like to spend time with my family. I enjoy being outdoors running, hiking, biking, and kayaking. I also like to listen and play music and will try to play any instrument I can get my hands on.

Most rewarding thing about being a part of IJA:

I really enjoy the family culture that has been established in the company. There is always someone you can turn to if you need help with anything.

Why IJA is different:

Other companies may say they care about their employees and customers while their actions say otherwise. At IJA, we really mean it when we say this and back it up with our actions.



Best place for thinking:

Anywhere outside

Favorite pizza toppings:

Banana peppers

Favorite holiday:

Christmas but I also love Thanksgiving

Ask for permission or ask for forgiveness?

Ask for forgiveness

A few of my favorite things:

My family, The Beatles, Cleveland Browns, and being active

Here's how we work

graphicStep 1

First, tell us about your situation. We’ll get in touch for a free, no-obligation 1-hour discovery call.

graphicStep 2

When you say “go,” we’ll jump right in and address your immediate pain points.

graphicStep 3

Then, we’ll lay out a plan to ensure your people, processes, and technology are seamlessly connected.