Offsite meetings offer us an opportunity to step away from our desks and foster a creative, forward-thinking environment without the influence of daily tasks and responsibilities. This can lead to ambitious goal-setting and multiple perspectives feeding into the resolution of key issues. Oh, and ours are always pretty fun too.

Our team recently gathered in Detroit for an offsite meeting focusing on team building, strategic growth, and goal setting.

It’s a given – not everyone on our team has the same work style or decision-making process. One person may like to talk things out while another person prefers to create a checklist alone. Half the team may want a quick decision while the other half needs time to consider all of the options first. During our time out of the office, we participated in thought-provoking team building exercises that allowed us to better understand the various styles and processes that each of us brings to the table. Diving into our different perspectives and personalities out of the office allows us to work together more efficiently once we’re back in the office, and ultimately, perform better together for the benefit of our clients.

We also had many strategic discussions concerning our company’s growth, path forward, and goals. At IJA, our leadership firmly believes in involving the whole team in these conversations, sharing opinions and having open and honest dialogue.

As you may know, we work hard and we play hard. We enjoyed a team reception and happy hour one night and dinner at Andrea’s house the next. Dinner ended with a round of Just Dance, so you know it was a good time.

We continuously leave our offsite meetings invigorated and with an even higher level of respect for one another. As always, the best part is simply being together and seeing our team grow and become closer. We look forward to many more!