The IJA family recently returned from a trip to our nation’s capital where we enjoyed three days of team bonding, hard work, and loads of fun!

This trip allowed our team to spend more time together than ever – taking meetings in person vs. virtually, having 1:1s, and working side-by-side on our client work. We’ve added quite a few new team members recently, and the trip also provided an excellent opportunity for us all to get to know each other even better.

While our leadership team communicates often, it’s not every day that we are in the same room. We took this time to really get down to business – strategizing, speaking about the growth of our firm, and planning for the future. We are all so excited for what’s to come!

On Day 2, we took the day off (thanks, Andrea!) so we could properly tour the city. We visited the Washington Monument, WWII Memorial, Lincoln Monument, the Spy Museum, and more. We have quite a few history buffs in our group (Brandon even gave a very touching speech at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial) and so it was fun to swap knowledge and enjoy a day seeing these significant sights as a team. Some of us rode scooters around the city which was certainly an adventure!

One of the best parts of the trip was our dinner challenge. We were broken up into teams and each team was assigned an IJA value (grit, family, next level, or integrity) plus a part of the meal that we had to have on the table within two hours. Some of us headed to the grocery store to cook while others to the nearest Mexican spot for takeout (we’ll let you decide whether or not that was cheating) and then we all sat down to enjoy a family meal together, each course representing one of our values. What a joy it was to share family recipes, stories, and a night of laughs.

This trip truly was a once in a lifetime experience for the IJA family to bond, work together, and simply enjoy each other’s company. We are so grateful to be able to step away from our desks every so often to better our team!